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The only mechanic you will ever need. What separates this place from anyone else is that the mechanics get paid hourly, NOT commission. This means that they will not try to rip you off by overpricing parts and recommending service that is not needed. It keeps their employees honest and their prices low. How low? I needed a lot of work done on my car after hitting 100,000 miles. Ariels price was about 13 of what the dealer wanted to charge me. I will never go to another mechanic ever again! visit them at

Ariel (who runs the whole place) is kind and knowledgeable. I purchased a car from a dealership and quickly encountered problems. I brought it to him and he told me exactly what I needed to know to have bargaining power with the dealership, including the multiple laws they had broken by selling me the vehicle in that condition. He received no money for looking at the car or giving me his advice and time, but instead did it out of the goodness of his heart. I cannot explain how much I appreciate his expertise. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a mechanic or used car dealer.

World Motors, Inc gave me a chance to purchase a nice car at a fantastic price financing was handled in-house and I didnt have to sign away my life. Ariel and his partner Carlos are wonderful, went way above and beyond to get me the car I wanted at an affordable price, and it was my first car. I live in Orange County so it was a little far but in all honesty, its so worth it. Their customer service is impeccable, the repairs, if you ever need them, are honest & credible. They know what they are talking about so you can trust in them 100. Ariel Vernas passion for cars & extensive knowledge tell you he knows what he is talking about and there is nothing he doesnt know. This is a full stop shop and I highly recommend them I will never go anywhere else!

World Motors is outstanding for vehicle purchase and repairs. Great customer service, honest, and high integrity. Im a 20 year customer and I would not take my vehicle anywhere else. They have done 4x4 modifications to custom car work. The work is top notch. Johnny

A couple months after getting my oil leak fixed, it was leaking again. :( I called and talked to the manager. He was very nice and asked me to bring my car in as soon as I could, so I did. They checked out my car and fixed it the same day at no charge. It is now running better than ever. Thank you once again, World Motors!

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